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Design 4 Learning created a set of design principles, including technology infrastructure, that guided the design for each project. All projects, except for Culver City HS, have been renovations of existing facilities.  Culver City HS is a combination of  new construction and renovation. Projects range in size from 750 sq.ft. to approximately 17,000 sq. ft.. The renovated facilities were primarily unused shop spaces (auto, wood, machine, etc.) and were completely gutted and rebuilt. Technology infrastructure was included in the renovation.

Project List:

  • Los Angeles HS*
  • Los Angeles HS*
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  • Los Angeles HS*
  • Los Angeles HS*
  • Los Angeles HS*
  • Los Angeles HS
  • Culver City HS

HS needed an advanced production environment for editing, graphics and some video production. The only space available on the campus was a former dishwashing room off the main cafeteria. Approximately 750 sq. ft., the room was transformed into a high-end multimedia laboratory for the New Media Academy students. Plans were developed to utilize existing campus technology infrastructure to connect the multimedia laboratory with the main academy room on the opposite side of the campus through video conferencing. Design Architect: M & A Architects - Executive Architect: Berliner and Associates - Program Consultant/Project Mgr.: J. Gonzalez

HS is a multi-level campus built on a hillside. Its New Media Academy teachers and students were spread throughout the school. A vacant machine shop offered the opportunity to create a central home for the Academy. Phase I was the renovation of the machine shop into a 2250 sq. ft. multimedia laboratory for graphics and Web design. In Phase II, a 4000 sq. ft. auto shop will be transformed into an arts, animation and video production collaboratory. Design Architect Phase I: DMJM - Executive Architect: Berliner and Associates - Phase II Architect: Berliner and Associates - Program Consultant/Project Mgr.: J. Gonzalez
 (Completion est. 2005)

HS wanted to convert an unused auto shop to serve as a home and professional workspace for their New Media Academy. Appoximately 4500 sq. ft., the shop was transformed into a large open-space multimedia studio that incorporated a video production area with sound recording and editing rooms. Included is an outdoor workspace with landscaping and seating for Academy teachers and students. The new space galvanized the school to relocate all the Academy teachers in the same building. Art, English, History and Video teachers use the flexible space. Design Architect: Marcela Oliva - Executive Architect: Berliner and Associates - Program Consultant/Project Mgr.: J. Gonzalez

HS needed space to house their New Media Academy. An unused shop building comprising approximately 4500 sq. ft. was transformed into 3 flexible stand-alone teaching spaces. Moveable dividers and a large pocket door for the video production studio enable the entire building to be easily opened up into one large presentation and collaborative space. Currently, the building is home to English, Health Science laboratory, and a video production studio. HS is one of the most space impacted campuses and the renovation of an existing building provided additional classroom space for 270 students. Design Architect: Design Aid  - Executive Architect: Berliner and Associates - Program Consultant/Project Mgr.: J. Gonzalez

HS wanted to provide a central, multi-disciplinary workspace for their New Media Academy. An unused electric shop was transformed into a flexible 2500sq.ft. multimedia studio for teachers and students. Functionality included a video production space, editing rooms, open project space, presentation area, and teachers' room. Technology infrastructure included gigbit LAN capability and a low-rise cable access floor enabling easy room reconfiguration. The new "collaboratory" reenergized students and teachers and served as a catalyst for increasing academy enrollment. Design Architect: Gensler - Executive Architect: Berliner and Associates - Program Consultant/Project Mgr.: J. Gonzalez

HS: The Media Academy project was a complete renovation of an unused shop building housing print and machine shops. Approximately 6ooo sq.ft., the building was gutted and renovated to support an art/animation/multimedia and film/video program. A comon wall divides the building into a full-fledged production facility for film/video and a flexible multi-use space for art/animation/multimedia and interdisciplinary project work. Architect: Berliner and Associates - Program Consultant/Project Mgr.: J. Gonzalez

HS is the first charter high school designed to integrate a rigorous college-prep curriculum with intensive technology training. It is a small learning community (350-400) housed in a unique mix of renovated space and new construction built to High Performance Schools standards. Approximately 12,000 sq. ft., the buildings are designed to be important teaching tools in the curriculum with cutting-edge mechanical, lighting, electrical, and energy conservation systems. Architect: Berliner and Associates - Consultant: J. Gonzalez

Culver City HS has a successful Academy of Visual and Performing Arts that is supported by Sony Pictures. The campus is space impacted and the Academy was running out of room for its ever-expanding enrollment. CCHS and Sony wanted to explore the possibility of expanding the Academy through renovation or new construction. Design for Learning created a feasibility study exploring each possibility that included conceptual designs and cost estimates for both scenarios. The study presented a new main arts facility comprising 17,000 sq. ft. and renovations to 4300 sq. ft. of existing space. The new facility includes a theater, sound stage with post production studio, art and music rooms, an art gallery and office space. Renovations provide a new lecture/presentation space and added room for ceramics, painting, dance and multimedia. Consultants: Design 4 Learning

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