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The What-How-Where of Student Learning

Design 4 Learning works with forward thinking educators to create new learning environments and learning experiences for students and teachers. The environments are modeled after professional work places, and encourage teachers and students to collaborate and discover new knowledge. A new design for learning emerges, built on principle, creativity and flexibility. Students and teachers are engaged and excited by learning.

Do students at your school:

  • arrive early to spend time in their classrooms?
  • have to be kicked out of classrooms at day's end? 
  • spend more time actively engaged in their work?


Schools, that Design 4 Learning has helped to envision and build new learning environments, are finding students so engaged by the new spaces and new approaches to learning that they don't want to leave.

Learning is exciting and challenging.

The quantity and quality of student work has increased, and both teachers and students are finding a more professional and collaborative approach to learning.


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